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About Us

All of us have been in situations where we require guidance which is well catered to our interests, past endeavors, and future goals. 

We even get helping hands in the name of college seniors, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers but most of the time, the personal element is missing, the ideas that are presented to us for our career development are generic in nature, albeit every individual is different and there are more than one formulae for success. We may all experience the same success in the end, but every journey is unique. Keeping this very thing in perspective, we designed Collabor8.

Collabor8 - A nonprofit platform based on eight foundational value pillars where individuals can 1:1 connect with experienced professionals and try to get the solutions for the academic & career-related challenges they have been facing.  

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Meet the Team

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Founder, Collabor8


Knowledge Director, Collabor8

Analyst, Mckinsey & Company


Volunteer, Collabor8

MSc, IIT-Hyderabad

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